Pain in the cash? You're not alone.

February 13, 2019

Money. Now you have it, now you don't. You earn it, you spend it. It can feel like driving blind.

Imagine this:  You just rocked it out and have $10,000 more in the bank than at the end of the previous month.  What do you do now? 

  • Pay off some debt? 
  • Start thinking about income taxes?
  • Invest in some new equipment?
  • Take a much needed vacation?!

You need guidance. You want to get the most out of your hard earned money. If you know where you stand month to month on your goals, profitability, and liabilities you can make good decisions on how to best use your profits. If you don’t know where you stand you can make some decisions that can cause you a lot of stress and frustration later.

If the latter doesn't sound like any fun to you, it sounds like you could use AccountingRx.  Let us provide you with: 

  • Monthly reports that will keep you in the know on your profits, cash and liabilities 
  • Advice about how to put your hard earned dollars to work for you and your business 

We won't let you drive blind, and we promise we are fluent in English, not just Accountantese (the language spoken when you have too many CPA's in a room together).    

Go to our website, to learn more, shoot us a message, or request an appointment for a call, video or in-person meeting.  You can also hit us up on social media.  We'd love to walk you through how it all works- no consultation fee, no commitment.  Our services are flat rate and we pride ourselves on complete transparency.  Because the last thing a small business like you needs is any end of the month surprises.

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